School Expectations

As a school our focus is on learning and this is supported by our School Community Agreements outlined below:

This school is a safe school:

  • Our verbal, physical and electronic interactions are positive – violence, harassment, bullying, mocking, aggression is not tolerated.
  • Where relational harm occurs we use restorative practices where good will exists.

We show respect:

  • for ourselves by trying our best and persevering with our learning both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • for each other by speaking politely and appropriately (not swearing), being kind and helpful, and respecting individual and cultural differences.
  • for our teachers by following their instructions in the knowledge that they are helping us to succeed in our learning.
  • for our MRGS name by wearing the uniform correctly.
  • for our MRGS reputation by behaving appropriately at school, on the way to and from school or at any function held under the control of Mount Roskill Grammar and by not being involved with cigarettes, matches, lighters, alcohol, drugs, weapons or theft.
  • for our MRGS environment by not damaging property (breakages or tagging).

We show responsibility

For our teachers and classmates by being punctual and arriving at school by 8.55a.m. (9.15a.m. on a Wednesday).

For ourselves by arriving on time to all classes to get the most out of our learning.

For our learning by always attending school unless unwell or at an appointment.

For our school by letting the school know in advance if we know we will be absent and by bringing a note if we are absent unexpectedly.

For our education by working with the teachers and our peers to do our best at all times.

For our community by being positive and welcoming to all at MRGS.

Electronic Devices: BYOD is expected at MRGS

As students it is our responsibility to practice safe conduct in our BYOD use: we will only engage in the use of electronic devices and online forums to communicate, collaborate and engage in learning following the instructions of our teachers and the ‘Roskill way’ expectations.


  • Under the Education Act, attendance at school is compulsory unless a student is unable to attend because of sickness, danger of infection, sudden and serious illness of a parent, severe stress or bereavement.
  • In order to maximise learning opportunities our students will have full attendance.
  • Families should call or email the school, or use the app SchoolStream, to inform the attendance officer of the reason for a justified absence.
  • The family of any student who is absent from two consecutive periods at the start of the day, without explanation, will receive a text message alerting them to the absence.
  • Absences which have not been explained on the day by phone call, email or text should be explained with a note given to a student’s form teacher when the student returns to school.
  • On missing an assessment students must provide a medical certificate.
  • Leave is granted for students going to a doctor/dentist, but they and/or their parents must bring a note/appointment card to the Deans’ Centre by 8.40a.m. to obtain a leave pass.

Long term absences:

  • The Ministry of Education does not grant leave. In the case of long term absences (holidays/overseas travel) students will be given a form to be completed by teachers detailing work to be missed and a letter from caregivers must be attached well in advance of any planned absence.

General Rules:

  • As students of MRGS we are under the school’s authority from the time we leave home until we return home.
  • Our clothing, books and sports gear will be clearly named and graffiti/tag free. Responsibility for our property lies with us, however, considerable efforts will be made by the school to assist in finding lost property.
  • All visitors, including personal friends of students, are expected to sign in at the main office. Written permission of senior staff is required for visitors to be on site. All visitors are required to wear a visitor’s badge.
  • We report damaged property (e.g windows) to staff and understand that the responsibility for payment lies with the student responsible.
  • Students driving cars to school must hold a current driver’s licence. Transport of other students occurs only outside of school hours and with the permission of each passenger’s caregiver.
  • Any items of clothing or electronic devices that have been confiscated due to not following our agreement or teacher instructions can be collected by caregivers at the end of school. (Clothing from the Dean’s Centre and electronic devices from the administration office).

Out of bounds:

Only our Year 13 students have the privilege of being able to access the shops on the corner of Frost and Carr Roads at lunchtime.