Wider Education

Wider Education is an opportunity for our Year 9 & 10 students to participate in activities or day trips over three days at the end of the year. The Wider Education programme covers a wide range of learning intentions that support the developing of our students’ social interaction, key competencies and team skills.

Students can choose a Wider Education activity that provides an opportunity to try something that they normally would not do. It could be an activity that would challenge their threshold or alternatively an activity that is low impact and relaxing. There are a range of options that will cater all our students with our Wider Education programme. It is a popular event that students look forward to at the end of the year.

2018 Wider Education

The 2018 Wider Education program will be launched with year 9 and 10 students towards the end of term 3. Information, aims and costs will be shared with students and their families so that each student can select an experience that will not only be enjoyable but also will support them to grow.

Some of the Wider Education activities offered in 2017

Paddle & Scramble

Day 1 Kayak Puhoi: Starting from Puhoi, paddle down the Puhoi river and finish at Wenderholm Regional park for lunch and a swim.

Day 2 Rock climbing: New Zealand’s largest indoor climbing centre offers the ultimate indoor climbing experience from absolute beginner level to advanced, it is a great place for students to experience and learn how to do rock climbing.

Day 3 Paddle Board: Learn water safety at Mission Bay, learn how to use a paddle board as well as enjoy the beach and play sports on the reserve.

Heat Seekers

Day 1 Explore Rangitoto: Catch a ferry to Rangitoto, climb the summit and view Auckland from a different perspective.

Day 2 North head tunnels: Catch a ferry to Devonport, walk up North head, explore the tunnels and learn about the military base. Have lunch and a swim at Cheltenham beach.

Day 3 Goat Island Marine Reserve: Snorkel and swim with the fish at Goat Island marine reserve – an experience you won’t forget.

Hang 10 – Learn how to surf at Muriwai Surf School (3 days).

2 hour lessons each day that build on from the day before. Wetsuit & board provided.

Waitakere Wonders

Experience the wild beauty of the west coast!

Three different walks each day walking through native bush and experience what the west coast offers.

Paper and Dice

Old fashioned, low tech fun for gamers, day dreamers, and storytellers. With a focus on character and story, see what you can accomplish armed only with your wits (and some dice).