Alone Together

Alone Together 150 150 Simon Whitlock

MRGS July Break Activities

MRGS July Break Activities 150 150 Simon Whitlock

MRGS Open Day

MRGS Open Day 150 150 Simon Whitlock

2020 Prefects

2020 Prefects 150 150 Simon Whitlock

The prefects were involved in a leadership evening on the 5th of June. Thanks to the prefect team and Mr Cornes for the leadership they show in their everyday interactions with our wider school community.

BP Business Challenge for Year 10 MRGS Students

BP Business Challenge for Year 10 MRGS Students 150 150 Simon Whitlock

We want the next big idea like Facebook, Uber or IPhone to come from a Roskill student.
The BP Business Challenge is a unique three-day learning programme to develop skills, connect students to their community and build their understanding of how successful businesses operate.
Students will learn to:
1. Adapt to change
2. Collaborate in teams
3. Increase their confidence
4. Develop their communication skills.
It is being held at MRGS Butler school hall on 5th, 6th and 7th of August 2020, during schools hours. There is no cost to students and all the resources will be provided by two external business consultants who are coming to work with our students.
We will also have inspiring judges on the final day, who will give feedback to our students on their progress. The judges include a top manger from KPMG, a franchise business owner, an international sports personality and a member of the parliament.
The entry is open to all Year 10 students. You do not have to be enrolled in Year 10 Business Studies to be a part of this exciting learning opportunity. You can sign up on this link – or come see any teacher in the Commerce Department (upstairs E Block). We only have 20 spots remaining. The winning team will also receive $100 cash.


MRGS at NZ Chess Congress

MRGS at NZ Chess Congress 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Euan McDougall competed at the NZ Chess Congress for two weeks in mid-January. This is the longest running annual chess event (and sporting competition) in the world.
Euan took the Under 20 champion in the NZ Junior Chess Championship, losing just one game. Games lasted 3-5 hours or longer, and Euan competed against 19 other players. He is keen to return in 2021 and hopes to do better in the Open and Blitz events against all ages.

Netball Photos

Netball Photos 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Netball Premier team played their grading games for the Premier 2 grade at Auckland Netball at Windmill Park Mt Eden on Saturday and Sunday (20-21 June)

Peer Mediation Training – ‘Students Helping Students’

Peer Mediation Training – ‘Students Helping Students’ 150 150 Simon Whitlock

The Peace Foundation trained 108 enthusiastic new Mediators this week, which involved learning about the important skills of how to resolve everyday conflict in a constructive way. A big part of this training involves reflecting on themselves and becoming more self aware. The more we know and understand ourselves, the more we are able to help others. It is hard to ‘extend kindness’ to others if we don’t extend kindness to ourselves and look after ourselves. These life skills of open communication, relationship building and ‘listening to understand’ are part of MRGS’ s culture and values of manaakitanga and whanaungtanga….. respect,  kindness, equality, inclusion and aroha for everyone.

Earlier this year, 60 Advanced Mediators attended further mediation training from Human Rights activist Julie Watson on “Developing positive Race Relations” and SHINE on the effects of violence and how to be an upstander, not a bystander against prejudice and harassment.

Also, for the first time, a NETSAFE training on how to protect yourself from online harassment was facilitated by our very own Advanced Mediators and YAS Leaders Ihsanullah PA and Rishi Shukla.

Mediators are ‘Ambassadors of Social Justice’, standing up against harassment, bullying, inequality and exclusion, supporting students to get the help they need. They provide confidential help to their peers informally in the school environment, or formally in the mediation room at Student Services.

Mediation is …

A structured PROCESS that uses a neutral person/s (the mediator/s) to HELP the people in a conflict (the disputants) to come up with their OWN solution/s for a WIN/WIN outcome. Mediation is both voluntary and confidential. Mediation is a constructive way of dealing with conflict.

If you are experiencing conflict or being harassed, and would rather speak with an older student, please contact us at Student Services. Confidentiality assured.


International Peace Week:  August 3rd-7th.

Peace Symposium: Friday 14th August

Te rangimarie me te aroha.


MRGS success in the 2020 Language Perfect World Championships

MRGS success in the 2020 Language Perfect World Championships 150 150 Simon Whitlock

In Term 2, Mount Roskill Grammar School competed in the 2020 Language Perfect World Championships. This is part of the Education Perfect World Series.

There were over 2,155 schools worldwide who competed and MRGS came 6th in NZ and in the top 60 schools Worldwide. This represented many hours learning languages and revising material in a fun way.

There were a large number of impressive results with:

– over 40 MRGS pupils gaining awards

– and more than 300,000 questions answered by MRGS Languages pupils

The very top students in this competition gained an ELITE Award & Badge because they gained over 10,000. They were in the top 0.2% of all competitors. Liahona Lauano (1st in MRGS) and Riley Mara deserve a special mention for their dedication to gaining outstanding results worldwide. There were also 5 pupils who gained an Emerald Certificate for over 5,000 points, and 4 pupils gained a GOLD Certificate with over 3,000 points.

The 2 pupils who gained an Elite Award & Badge (10,000+ points) are: Liahona Lauano, Riley Mara

The 5 pupils who gained an Emerald Award (5,000+ points) are: Christopher Mara, Robbielyle Lauano, Huthaifa Ibrahim, Joshlyn Iyekekpolo, Baraa Zara

The 4 pupils who gained a GOLD Award (3,000+ points) are: Zahlia Prasad, Lucy Palu, Ayesha Ali, Rhea Palmer

MRGS also gained:

* SILVER Award (2,000+ points) = 3 students

* BRONZE Award (1,000+ points) = 15 students

* CREDIT Award (500+ points) = 15 students

Student Feedback on 2020 Language Perfect:

“Very cool. Enjoy it lots. Very fun. Learning lots of things. It helps me lots.”

“Education Perfect Languages is awesome”

“I like the way EP makes learning languages fun”

“I am better at it”

“Education Perfect is an amazing resource and activity”

“Task is easy and short, it helps with learning”

“Good activity to revise”

“Education Perfect is awesome”


MRGS Fitness Centre – Women’s/Girls’ Sessions

MRGS Fitness Centre – Women’s/Girls’ Sessions 150 150 Simon Whitlock