Japanese Speech Competition

Japanese Speech Competition 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On the 17th of August, AUT hosted their annual Japanese Speech Competition for Secondary Students. In this competition, you are required to prepare a speech in Japanese on a topic of your choice. In the Year 12&13 category, there is a chance to win a return trip to Japan. The top three speakers from this category are selected to do a Q&A session with the judges and the best student wins the price. From our school four senior students, Ziqi, Samantha, Midori and I attended this day and two students participated in the competition.  Midori Uchida, whose speech topic was ‘Why I Learn English’, participated in the Open Division for native Japanese speakers.  My speech topic was ‘Anime Saves Lives’, and I participated in the Year 12&13 category. It was a long day with around 32 students presenting but AUT provided a LOT of sushi at lunch so it was worth going.  In the end we all received participation certificates and had a photo session. The Q&A session was really intense and 1st place among the top 3 pupils went to a student from Rangitoto College. I was not selected to do the Q&A but I received the special ‘Highly Commended’ prize. Overall, it was an eventful day with lots of opportunities and we tried our best. I recommend other senior students taking Japanese to try taking part and have fun.

Bhavya Jasti

Year 9 Sushi Making

Year 9 Sushi Making 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On the 19th of August, a Year 9 Japanese class went to A3 to make our own sushi. We made sushi because we wanted to experience Japanese authentic culture and food. We split into groups of four, and placed our ingredients on the table which Miss Kojima prepared. We used crabsticks, cucumber and egg on the sushi rice. We rolled it all together with the seaweed on the bamboo sushi mats.

The results varied throughout the different groups, with some successful sushi, and some not so successful sushi. The most common mistake was putting too much rice on the seaweed, making it too wide to roll. However, at the end of the period we all sat down as a class and enjoyed our sushi together, despite the appearance.  Over all, it was a great experience and we learnt not only about sushi but also about Japanese eating manner as a whole.

Alfie Mackenzie


Hiroshima talk

Hiroshima talk 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On August 16 2019, the Y10 Japanese class and a Y13 History class went to the library and heard guest speakers, Mrs Takako Kuroda and Mr Aki Kuroda. They came and talked about their survival story of the Hiroshima bombing on August 6th 1945.  Aki was 2 and half years old and Takako was still in her mother’s womb.  The bomb dropped on the centre of Hiroshima City and had a devastation radius of 3km.

Due to the radiation, Aki lost red and white bloods cells and Takako developed anaemia.  Her hair turned white in her 20s.  Her siblings were all born with disabilities due to the radiation that their mother was exposed to. They all unfortunately passed away and only Takako survived.

Many people who survived the bombing had terrible radiation burns called Keloid.  Aki shared the story of when he saw a lady being bullied by naughty boys and even after 60 years he regrets not saying anything and not being able to do anything to help her. We felt very sad that the people of Hiroshima had to go through these awful experiences.

When listening to their experiences, we felt that the production of nuclear power plants should be abolished all around the world as New Zealand did in 1987.  They explained that we, young people, should tell more people about the dangers of nuclear power because we will also spread the word as every change starts with just one person. We admire how brave they were to be able to share their story and help raise awareness.

Amy Yang & Zoey Liu

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Language Perfect World Championships 2019

Language Perfect World Championships 2019 150 150 Simon Whitlock

MRGS Students of Languages


World Series

Language Perfect World Championships 2019

27 August (6pm) – 3 September (6pm)

Good luck to our students!

Elite Award (10,000+) / Emerald (5,000+)

Gold (3,000+) / Silver (2,000+) / Bronze (1,000+)

Elite, Emerald & Gold Winners can apply for a NZIIU International School Exchange Scholarship



Mandela Trip

Mandela Trip 150 150 Simon Whitlock

906, 903 and 910 Social Studies enjoyed a trip to Eden Park recently to see the Mandela My Life: Exhibition.

These junior classes are beginning their unit on Leadership and were exposed to an extraordinary display of unique artefacts such as a precious 5 second footage of Mandela wearing his tribal cloak before going into his trial. Footage of him wearing this was banned from public viewing as the racist government believed it would incite riots if the people saw him in traditional dress.

There were many letters, journals, recordings of interviews to hear as well as the famous shirts he was well known for all on display, showcasing the famous milestones in Mandela’s life as leader of South Africa and the anti-apartheid movement. A truly special experience and a great way to begin the inspirational Leadership unit for our junior students.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 150 150 Simon Whitlock

On July 27, twenty students from years 11-13 went to the Pop-up Globe performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The show is part of the Globe’s inaugural winter season. The performance was in English and Te Reo and we all had lots of fun. We’d like to make this an annual event so be sure to attend the next production at the Globe.

MRGS Girls’ Chess

MRGS Girls’ Chess 150 150 Simon Whitlock

At the National Secondary School Girls Champion ship held on Thursday 8 August, MRGS came 2nd on 4th level tie break scores. The team pictured left are Celia Chanwong, Kirushni Suthakaran, Sylvia McDougall, Aushadhi Dharanikota and Crystan Chanwong.

The MRGS team gained a silver medal and Sylvia, Kirushni and Crystal all received gold medals as top players in their team positions.

Debating Teams

Debating Teams 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Two of our debating teams competed in the Auckland Schools Debating Octo-finals (top 16 teams) on Tuesday 30 July at St Cuthbert’s College.

Our Advanced Open team (Ano Chitando, Vinodhini Murali, Huthaifa Ibrahim) lost to St Dominic’s in a very close and spirited debate. MRGS was negating the moot ‘This house believes that social studies should focus on current affairs instead of history.

Our Senior Open team (Hannah Armstrong, Nesil Satani and Simar Bains) debated against Mahurangi and successfully affirmed the moot “This house believes that female sports teams should strike to achieve equal pay to their male counterparts” and our Senior Open team is now through to the quarter finals.

On Saturday 27 July we had two junior teams competing at the Auckland School’s Debating Junior Championship. The students represented us well!
Pictured are (left to right back row) Layba Zubair, Manya Goswami, Pranav Kumar, Lydias Yong, Karen Wang, (front row) Jastej Anand, Mahreen Dossa, Racey Ferris.



MRGS Curling

MRGS Curling 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Five of our year 13 boys, Youxiang Lei, Pranav Rao, Felix Dempsey, Daniel Torrey and Owen Xu (pictured below) won their semi-final game, 5-3 against Lynfield College in the Auckland Secondary Schools Curling Championships. This win has guaranteed our team a spot in the finals against Long Bay College, Thursday 29th August, 7PM at the Paradice Ice Skating Rink in
Avondale. Our team will also be competing at the North Island Secondary Schools Curling Championships during tournament week.

MRGS Students at Outward Bound

MRGS Students at Outward Bound 150 150 Simon Whitlock

Two Year 12 students, William Aleki and Anna Brown, attended a 21 day course at Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds over the Term 3 holidays. Outward Bound is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to help people of all backgrounds to contribute to their communities, learn new life skills, and develop their character and leadership skills in a challenging outdoor setting. Some of the outdoor activities included sailing, rock climbing, tramping, on high ropes and coast steering.
Anna said she enjoyed the high ropes and coasteering. Coasteering involved jumping off cliffs and swimming through caves, which was a really big novelty as you can’t really do it without an instructor around because it can get pretty dangerous in some conditions. The moments she found the hardest sailing near Cook Strait, and the half marathon.
William enjoyed the challenges physically and mentally. Running 3.2km every morning and jumping off the jetty into cold water was a challenge but it made him fitter and his mind set towards it changed. He said he learnt so many things but one thing that stood out for him was when his instructors said to “Live in the Moment.” This means focusing on NOW, and not the latter. That helped him enjoy nature more while he were doing the activities and helped me take things slow. He aims to take these words and apply them in my everyday life.

If any year 11 students are interested in this opportunity for 2020 please see Mrs Bennett for details.